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Attention, all Ducati enthusiasts! PlanetDucati.com is now importing and marketing innovative foreign Ducati motorcycle parts and accessories from around the world to Fort Hunter Liggett, California. We scour the planet to find the best Ducati accessories that are not normally available to Ducati enthusiasts in the United States. Contact us for more information.

Our Mission
Need better parts for your Ducati motorcycle? We understand completely. Here at PlanetDucati.com, we aim to provide American Ducati enthusiasts with access to Ducati parts and accessories from around the world. Most of these parts are otherwise unavailable or impractical to purchase in the United States. The goal of importing these parts is to broaden the performance and accessory choices available to the US Ducati community.

Looking Beyond Borders
While a vibrant and dedicated community of Ducati owners exists in the United States and Ducati parts are widely available, we believe even greater choices for high-performance Ducati parts exist outside America. We will seek out havens of Ducati enthusiasm in Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, and Japan, to make more parts, accessories, and techniques available here and promote the sharing of ideas. This will further enhance the performance and desirability of these fantastic machines.

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more about the Ducati parts we have available.

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